© Sujet: Dynamowien | Foto: Getty Images (in German only).
© Sujet: Dynamowien | Foto: Getty Images (in German only).

Ö1: Won years - New ways into old age

Statistically, we gain three months of life for every year we live. And: We not only live longer, but also remain active and healthy longer on average. With the Ö1 initiative “Won Years” – with warm support of Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein – Ö1 wants to create awareness for the issues of growing older and show new possibilities for planning this phase of life in good time and shaping it positively.

At the closing event on 20 October 2021, twelve innovative approaches were presented that encourage people to face the issues of old age as early as possible. The spectrum ranges from health care to social participation through creativity, digitalisation and education to new forms of housing and socio-economic projects that alleviate poverty in old age.

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