Kunst im Turm

„Rumänisches Roulette“

Mercedes Echerer & Band

13 December 2017

On Wednesday 13 December 2017, Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein hosted the launch of the CD “Rumänisches Roulette” on the 20th floor of the Ringturm.

An evening of literature and music with actress Mercedes Echerer and band “Rumänisches Roulette” tells the story of Brussels-based European politician Arika Lacrima Moraru, who is kidnapped on her way to the airport in the dead of night in Romania’s Transylvania region and abandoned on the roadside in the middle of nowhere. The officer on duty at the nearest village police station informs her that without any ID, he will have to put her behind bars. So Arika ends up spending the night before Christmas Eve on the narrow bunk bed of a Romanian prison cell, where she finds herself with plenty of time to contemplate her life.