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Ringturm covering 2022 sends out signal of optimism and togetherness

10. May 2022 ·

This year, Hungarian artist Dóra Maurer will transform the Ringturm in Vienna into a larger-than-life artwork called With each other – sending out a powerful message of hope after two years shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Entitled ‘With each other’, the 4,000 square metre artwork is made up of a total of 30 printed netting sheets, each around 3m wide and up to 63m long. Diagonally intersecting stripes in a spectrum of bright, cheerful colours trace a path across the facade of the buildings on the Ringstrasse boulevard, overlooking the Danube Canal, in Vienna city centre. Created especially for the wrapping of the Ringturm, the artwork’s origins go back to an elaborate system of geometric and chromatic elements devised by Dóra Maurer some 30 years ago, which she has continued to develop in the intervening years.