Ringturm Wrapping

Tower of Life

Robert Hammerstiel

Summer 2007


Robert Hammerstiel was the second artist to be invited to transform the facade of the Ringturm during the summer months. His piece Turm des Lebens (Tower of Life) – this time covering all four sides of the building – caught the eye of passers-by in Vienna over a 10-week period. The work’s silhouetted figures depict the different stages of life during which the insurer Wiener Städtische supports people: childhood, youth, raising a family and old age.

Ringturmwrapping 2007:
Ringturmwrapping 2007: "Tower of Life" by Robert Hammerstiel. © Wiener Städtische/Ernst Greindl

“I’m very pleased that we were able to commission Robert Hammerstiel for this year’s covering of the Ringturm. His silhouetted figures signify the magic that emanates from each stage of life. With Turm des Lebens we wanted to create a high-visibility symbol for the people of Vienna for the second time,” explained Günter Geyer, CEO of Wiener Städtische.